Team Jamaica prepares for first entry at the Goodwill Swimming Championships.

The ‘Goodwill Meet’ is a regional swimming competition held annually in the Eastern Caribbean and this year will see the first participation by Team Jamaica.

 This event is typically organized around the middle of August by the permanent members of the Goodwill Group, including Barbados, Suriname, St. Lucia, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, The Bahamas and Grenada.

 The Goodwill Swim Meet is a short course (25M pool) development meet for swimmers aged 10 & under as well as swimmers aged 15 to 17 who have not competed at CARIFTA or higher regional competitions in the same year.

 Competitors at this event will represent Jamaica and were chosen from a range of Clubs using a selection process based on the swimmers’ fastest times achieved between October 1st, 2017 and May 27th, 2018.

 Making their way to Barbados will be:

 8&Unders                 Girls:      Jessica Denniston                            Boys:     Jayson Grant

                                                Alyssa Jefferson                                              Ethan-George Hunter

                                                Kara Hutchinson                                              Matthew Kennedy

                                                Victoria Vanderleer

 9-10                       Girls:         Asha Davis                                        Boys:     Josh Johnson

                                                Loren-Ann Patterson                                        Brady Macpherson Lewison

                                                Saamanta Selvon                                             Charles Mcintosh

                                                Christanya Shirley                                            Waldon Mcintosh

 11-12                     Girls:         Giani Francis                                     Boys:     Nyles Davis

                                                Taeija-Lee Hall-Watts                                      Nelson Denny

                                                Raine Hopkins                                                 Quinn Gordon-Freel

                                                Emma Marston                                                Joshua Mignott

 13-14                     Girls:         Lia Forrester                                      Boys:     Joshua-Daniel Alleyne

                                                Callier Maxwell                                                 Nikolos Gordon-Somers

                                                                                                                          Jaleel Samms

                                                                                                                          Benjamin Sylvester


15-17                     Girls:      Alexa Critchlow                                    Boys:     Luke Mair

                                             Aashna-Paris McGlashin


Team Officials

Manager:            Peter Vanderleer

Head Coach:       Wendy Chambers Lee

Asst. Coach:       Kafia Rapley

Doctor:                 Tana Ricketts-Roomes

Chaperones:      Omar Kennedy, Kaylene Patterson, Kenisha Thom