2019 Lifespan 007 Open Water Festival

After due consideration, the Aquatic Sports Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) wishes to advise that it will not be involved with the 2019 Lifespan 007 Open Water Festival to be held September 29, 2019. While it is obvious that Lifespan has been planning the Festival for some time, the ASAJ is unaware of these plans as we have not been brought into the loop despite the Festival being billed as being “in association with the ASAJ” on the Festival’s website. In addition, we have not been formally asked for technical assistance or to provide officials.

A meeting was requested with Mr. Nigel Bair, the ASAJ’s link with Lifespan, and up to two weeks before the meet, he had not responded. The decision was therefore taken that ASAJ should not be associated with the Festival.

From all appearances, the 2019 Festival is a private Lifespan event. Persons from the aquatic community should therefore not be deterred from competing because the ASAJ is not involved. In the interest of promoting Open Water swimming, they should feel free to enter as they see fit.